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5 Best Ayutthaya Attractions


If you happen to be in Bangkok, you can easily go to Ayutthaya city that is about an hour and a half north of the capital city. There are lots of places to visit and attractions to see in Thailand’s old capital city either may you be in a day tour or spending 2 days just like us.

One can opt to book a day tour via travel agencies around Bangkok but you may not enjoy and experience Ayutthaya as it should be. We recommend either staying overnight on the ancient city to get a short and in depth experience about the old kingdom, its history and more.

Cool Travel Blog visited at least 30 or more temples around Ayutthaya but if you want to go to the major temples and avoid exhaustion (yeah biking is hella exhausting but rewarding and recommended too!) you can ask your guide or a driver to take you to this Do-it-yourself temple tour.

Wat Chaiwattanaram

Wat Chaiwattanaram

Built during the 1300s in a khmer styled architecture, this temple is located at the western area of Ayutthaya is really good for sunrise photo ops since the ruins are really well kept and structures are still intact. We went here early morning to catch the sunrise but unfortunately our legs gave up since you have to cross the bridge above the chao phraya river. If you can’t go by bike, one can hire a tuktuk or by boat.

Wat lokayasutharam

Wat Lokayamsutharam

If you have been touring Bangkok and have been to the reclining Buddha, this place is the granddaddy of that temple. Wat lokayasutharam is a temple that has one of the biggest reclining buddhas in Thailand which is cast in stone with a whopping 37 meter long and 8 meter high! Wat lokayasutharam is a really big area where you can see several ruins along the road that is good for photo opportunity minus the crowd.

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

After visiting several temples around Ayutthaya, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is quite different structurally since it has this 3 cone shaped chedi structure. When you come here by morning or late afternoon, we suggest that you avoid the crowd to really feel the places magic and meditate in the silence as the sun goes down or rises. You can only imagine how it must have been during the old days.

Wat Mahathat

wat mahathat

Happen to come across ads and postcards from Thailand? Chances are you will see a buddhas head wrapped in tree roots which this temple is known for. Located at the center of Ayutthaya historical park, and easily accessible by bicycle. We also suggest going here during sundown to avoid the crowd and witness the majestic changing of day to night. A magical huge place that you can truly appreciate. It is best to go to wat mahathat during late afternoon to avoid the massive tour bus crowds and see the sunset at the inner portion of the temple complex. The sunset is magnificent to see since you will see the silhouettes of ayutthaya park when the sun goes down.

Wat Phra Ram

wat phra ram

Wat Phra Ram is located inside the Ayutthaya historical park and would be the first temple that would greet you. This temple is really majestic to look at with its architecture and landscape beauty since it is surrounded by a lake. Try climbing up the steps towards the top of the ruins and you can see a great view of the rest of the historical park.

Ayutthaya and its ruins really take you back in time. It gives you a glimpse how the kingdom of Thailand was during the olden days. Living here in Thailand for a year, the visit to the best Ayutthaya attractions helped us know more of the Thai peoples rich history, culture and devotion to their religion.

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