nature trip in sabah
What else to do in Kota kinabalu rather than go sightseeing on the top attractions such as the Mt. Kinabalu and the Poring hotspring? I was so excited to climb mt.kinabalu (fo sho) but since we didn't have any mountaineering experience, we decided to just enjoy the scenery of this majestic mountain and its surrounding area. On our way to...
Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park
 Jesselton Point Entrance Jesselton Point Port                                           Passageway to the Jesselton Terminal where one can go grab some food and dine. Tables and Chairs along the side to give comfort to passengers who wants to relax and watch the view. Pulau Mamutik!  The view of...
going to kota kinabalu
Me and my girlfriend/travel partner decided to go and spend our 9th anniversary somewhere outside the Philippines and avoid all crowded nearby popular tourist destination. We were looking into a place where we can really relax and have a quiet atmosphere without the buildings, noise and pollution. So we immediately looked up certain both agreed to visit and experience...