During the labor day holidays last may we flew from Bangkok to Yangon with AirAsia since we got cheap promo tickets for about a thousand of pesos each! Being our first time there, we were so excited to check our “Things To Do in Bagan list” since this is one of our bucket list destination.

We settled at the heart of the Bagan Archeological Zone at the Amazing Bagan Resort where we found it to have great clean rooms, swimming pool to cool down yet central and near to the bus terminal, markets and restaurants while tucked in a secluded area for some peaceful and quiet ambience.

Just a quick information, Bagan lies within the northwestern a part of Myanmar and is a favorite stopover in Southeast Asia for backpackers touring by bus from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Phnom Penh.   With so many different cool things to experience in Bagan it may be confusing to making a decision on what to do.  Cool Travel blog would make it easier for you to decide by reading our Cool Things to do in Bagan to help you out with your itinerary.

Things To Do in Bagan

Discover Temples

Bagan is famous for the thousand of majestic and ancient pagodas and temples that you can’t miss on your things to do in bagan list.  Upon entry to the Bagan Archeological Zone, we recommend getting a three-day visitor pass to the Temples for only 40USD which is a really good rate since daily passes will cost about $20 USD.  If you’re going to get a day we suggest that you list down what temples to go to and get a private taxi or horse carriage to take you around. If planning on a 3-day pass, renting an electric bike or a scooter would be better so that you can manage your time without rushing each temple and just appreciate the surroundings slowly. Do note that touring the temples will be exhausting (especially during summertime) so always try  to put on comfy (however respectful) garments and a bottle of iced water.

un-named bagan Temples

The Bagan temples are actual living testaments to the way of life back in the ancient kingdom. There’s literally a great feeling you get when you find yourself lost among the century old architectures as they unveil how vibrant its historical past from e rise and falling of kingdoms, the intricacy of the artworks on the temple walls, and the harmonious blend of the ruins to the nature which stands at the test of time, these sums up our temple run.

Discover Bagan by Bicycle!

What’s one of the simplest and cheapest way to discover Bagan? One can rent a motorcycle, bicycle or electric bike for a couple of dollar and get lost along the way.  Bagan doesn’t really have traffic at all and there are only a few vehicles plying the main roads. Mostly, the locals would always be cautious with driving since this is a protected area. Just be cautious and always stay at the right side of the rode for safety!

Biking in Bagan

Biking in Bagan is Fun!

You possibly can hire a bicycle for $1 a day or rent an electric bike for about $20. Bike rentals are found in almost any place so that you don’t have to worry about finding one specially if you are staying at the new bagan area. Since our hotel is located in a secluded area surrounded by miniature temples and far from the main road, our hotel had an electric bike rental which was really convenient. There are other hostels that offer free bike rentals too so try to check with your hotel desk or check what accommodations can offer free bike rentals here. Biking around this magnificent place is a must things to do in Bagan.

*We would strongly recommend renting an electric bike for a day tour since you can’t really discover all places in a span of 5-6 hours, although if you are going to be staying in bagan for about a week, bicycle would be okay.

Chase the Sunrise and the Sunset

Sunset in Bagan
Sunset in Bagan

Photo didn’t really do justice how beautiful it is! Sunrise in Bagan in breathtaking.

We have been traveling all over ASEAN region and we can definitely agree that Bagan’s sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful we have witnessed in this world. It was still pitch dark when we began biking towards a secret sunrise temple (if you don’t like to blend in with the tour crowd) to observe the sun rise. When we got there, we were literally just a handful of people (about 6) that had the temple ourselves without distractions. Before the Sun rose up, the place was literally cold, dark and hazy but as the sky began to show its wonderful spectrum of light it unveiled the silhouette of the other big temple throughout the plains. It was really breathtaking and it can leave you at awe when you just sit there in silence and peace. It was definitely one of the best sunrise EVER.

One itinerary not to miss after bearing the heat of the sun and going around and getting lost in the vastness Bagan’s plains and temples is to relax and watch the sun go down. There is a good temple to hangout and avoid huge crowds while having the best uninterrupted view of thousands of pagodas and temples on the horizon. Be mesmerized with this must definitely things to do in Bagan!

Sunrise in Bagan
Sunrise in Bagan

Hot Air Baloon Rides

If there’s one really touristy factor to do in Bagan, and you may afford it, take the hot air balloon in Bagan. Nothing is as surreal as floating throughout 4000’s of temples in Bagan through sunrise or sunset. Yes you can possibly discover the whole place by electrical bike, however that is not how you can approach to recognize the sheer vastness and sweetness of the temples of all areas. During the time of our visit, we were curious how much the cost of riding a hot air baloon at Bagan and I learned that it cost about $300 per PERSON! Unfortunately, baloon rides only happen during the cooler months of october-december.

Baloons over Bagan
Balloons over Bagan. Credits to the Telegraph

Bagan Myanmar is indeed is magical, breathtaking and out of this world to witness and visit. Hope we inspired you on what things you can do on your visit in the ancient city of Bagan. If you have suggestions or if we missed something out, hit the comment section! We surely would appreciate it!

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