When it comes to food, there is absolutely no compromise. With Myanmar getting discovered to the world, tourists, visitors have found no of amazing cuisine which has been hidden from the world for the past 50 years. With the strong hold on rich, salty savory flavours and food influenced by Southeast Asia, food in Myanmar has taken its place in the list of most amazing food. Here are some amazing Burmese food, which are must to try.

5 Must Try Food To Eat in Myanmar

  1. Tea Leaf Salad:
    Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad

    This is perhaps the most famous Burmese dish. You must be wondering how this dish is made. In order to make this dish, slightly bitter and sour leaves are mixed by hands with shredded cabbage, crunchy deep-fried beans, sliced tomatoes, splash of garlic oil, nuts and peas and slices of garlic and chilli. When it comes to eating this dish, it’s very versatile. You can eat this dish as a snack, as an appetizer or you can eat with a plate of rice. The dish is one of its kind and taste really good.
  2. Shan Noodle:
    Myanmar Shan Noodle Soup
    Shan noodle is also one of the most famous food in Myanmar. It’s very tasty and the people of Myanmar are really fond of this dish. It is derived from Shan state which is actually the east past of Myanmar. There are number of ways to make this amazing dish. People add ingredients according to their taste and requirement. You can have it with anything you like.
  3. Burmese Rice:

    Rice is very common in Myanmar. It gets served with almost everything here. From noodles to curried dishes, vegetables, seafood, it is one of the most common food to be eaten in Myanmar.
  4. Burmese Sweet Snack:

    Going to Myanmar and not trying their sweet snack is a regret you wouldn’t want to keep. It’s very delicious in taste, you will always find coconut in their sweet snack. It is made with grated coconut with coconut milk wrapped in rice paper. You know what’s the amazing thing about this dish? You can also add some noodles in it according to your need.
  5. Tofu Noodles:

    Tofu might be one of the most unusual dishes in Myanmar to eat but is one tasty dish. The amazing thing about this dish is it does not really have tofu in it but rather a thick porridge which is made from chickpea flour is included making the dish amazing in taste.
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