Last year the World Tourism Organization recorded that 50 million more tourists traveled to international destinations than in 2014. With the numbers of travelers and vacations increasing more time is being spent in airports across the world. In this this post we’ll look at the top tips for surviving airports.

Airport Survival Tips


The best preparation for surviving an airport starts at home. We have all been in a rush and shoved our belongings into our luggage and hand luggage without thinking only to find that our passport is right at the bottom when we arrive at the check-in counter. The Huffington Post recommend that one of best ways to be prepared is to pack smart. Pack everything you think you will need at the airport in an easily accessible place in your hand luggage. For example if your carry on bag has a front pocket then this is the perfect place to store your laptop.


Airport Car tip

Most people arrive at the airport by car, yet many fail to take advantage of the parking services that airports have to offer. It is best to do significant research and see if there is a service that will make your trip easier. For example in airports across the and most of Europe, Parking4Less state that a valet service makes parking worry free. You simply drive to the airport terminal, unpack and your car will be taken care of. You’ll find that the majority of leading airports have similar services designed to make the airport experience quicker and less stressful.


Light packing the best option is to be prepared. They are not going to let you through until you have taken every coin out of your pocket. Before lining up do a quick check of your pockets and take out all none essential metals items and put them in your hand luggage. Many airports require passengers to remove their shoes, belts and jacket. Independent Traveler recommends removing these objects while waiting in the line to pass through security quickly.

The Terminal

This is the fun part. Like every part of the journey, it is best to research what the terminal has to offer. All major airports have evolved to become more than just a place to wait for your plane. In their top 20 list of the world’s best airports, The Telegraph puts Singapore Changi at #1 due to its entertainment features, shops, and tranquil areas to relax including an open-air cactus garden. Major airport terminals will always have great places to eat and drink, and some will even have restaurants by celebrity chefs.

Airport Amenities & Restaurants

Surviving an airport is easy, all it takes is great preparation. If you are planning a trip in the near future be sure to take onboard these tips to ensure that your next visit to an airport is stress free and efficient.

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