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Travel Diary: Bangkok Revisit

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Our second time to visit the capital city of Thailand. Where everything was perfect and not like before the first time we went to Bangkok! It was the holiday season and the owner of our law firm in Phuket decided to close the office for the long weekend for us to enjoy the holiday season.

This was the first time that we spent Christmas and the rest of the holidays away from home in the Philippines. It was kind of sad since Thai people don’t celebrate Christmas being a Buddhist country. A consolation for the holiday thou is that one of our good buddy decided to spend her holiday weekend over here in Thailand.

After we have spent our Christmas in Phuket, we have decided to head up to Bangkok to take the boredom away from being in the island for a couple of months. Although Phuket is a really nice place to relax and have a vacation during the holidays, the city dwelling spirit within us kind of misses the hustle and bustle of the city.

It takes about 12 hours on an overnight bus from Phuket to Bangkok and its quite cheap and comfortable too! I would definitely recommend anyone who is willing to save on accommodation and trip time to try it when going to Bangkok or vice versa. Earliest time of departure are at 5pm in the afternoon and would reach Bangkok at 5am the next day at Sai Tai Mai (Southern Bus Terminal) which is quite nearest to the Taling Chan floating market and about 20 minutes away from Khaosan road where we planned to stay for a couple of nights and spend a new years eve party.

We checked in at Khaosan Palace since there was still an available standard room promotion although I warn people who want to have a quiet rest not to stay here since this is one of the areas placed smack right in the center of Khaosan’s party scene. Time flew by while a couple of beers consumed, pizzas eaten, pad thais filled our stomach from afternoon till night, khaosan road really is one of our favorite hang out places in Southeast Asia.

Spending the new years won’t be complete without a party. We met with our fabulous Philippine friend Elger and his british boyfriend James along with their set of friends in Bangkok. Its quite really refreshing to party with lots of people who enjoys dancing, shouting, drinking a lot since me and my wife got used to partying with ourselves in Phuket. It was a great new years eve party since khaosan road was closed for the celebration, thousands of both Thai and Foreigners converge to celebrate the new year and break the new years resolution not to get drunk on the first day of the year lol!

On the following day after new year, our friend sunshine went back home in Qatar and we were left by ourselves and we still had about 3 days before work starts again. So since we never really got the whole chance to see Bangkok on the first visit we had, we decided to try visiting some cool places to visit in Bangkok, temples to see in Bangkok and head to the ancient capital city of Ayutthaya to visit their best attractions.

Overall our second visit was really well spent. We partied, got drunk, familiarize the public bus transportations, great food at Chinatown, shopped at the biggest shopping malls and met new friends along the way! We can’t wait to be back.

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