Getting married is one of the biggest and amazing decisions of our lives. As soon as we are married, we all want to go to places where we could spend the best quality time and have the best experience with our loved ones. This is one of the reasons why we plan honeymoons. Now, talking about honeymoons, it is a little difficult of a task to decide where we really want to go. With so many places to go and number of travel agency offering honeymoon packages, we still get confused in deciding whether where we should go. When it comes to honeymoon, each couple is different. And each of them are looking for different kind of adventure. Some of them love mountains and serenity while some of them are fans of adventure.

Talking about places to go to in your honeymoon. Bali is also considered one of the most beautiful places to go to for having destination weddings and honeymoon since there is a wide array of great wedding planner, organizers and honeymoon packages.

A beautiful island in Indonesia has so many things for you. You know what’s the best thing about Bali? It truly is a living postcard destination offering you breath-taking views and amazing activities to do. If you want to spend your honeymoon in an overly romantic place, then Bali is the destination for you.

Travelling alone itself is such a beautiful experience, but when you plan to do it with your loved ones, it becomes more beautiful. Here are number of romantic activities which you could do in Bali.

Wedding in Bali

Gorgeous Wedding Set on a Waterfall!Bali has always been a bit of a trendy spot for destination weddings. There are lots of people that have tied the knot on this island since you can wake up and start your honeymoon the day after your wedding. There is no need to double up on the logistical stress. It is also home to great ideas to make your bachelor/bachelorette party or stag/hens do as unforgettable as your wedding itself. Bali is also home to the best instagram worthy pre nuptial photoshoot don’t forget that since it is a tropical island with differing landscapes from waterfalls, rice paddies and others.

Although planning a wedding is really tiring and stressful, our friends over at The Seven Agency creates the most suitable option for your dream wedding in Bali from less than 20 guest to more than 40! They have had about more than 1000 weddings served thru carefully organization on your big day, paying attention to any special details or features you desire and all you will have to do is lay back relax and just to enjoy your wedding in exotic Bali.

A candle light dinner on your villa:

If you are the kind of person who thinks sunset dinners are too mainstream, trust me, you will love to plan a candle-lit dinner out with your significant one on an exclusive and luxurious villa. The Seven Holiday offers couples this amazing opportunity where a private international chef prepare your meal per night on your villa for this beautiful divine experience. Imagine candles being lit, personalized service, no crowds, with amazing food being offered, it’s one of the most romantic thing one could do in Bali.

Watch the Kecak Dance:

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu
Kecak Dance at Uluwatu

Watching Kecak dancing in Uluwatu is another amazing activity which you could do in Bali. This dance usually takes place in the evening. Uluwatu is the best place to go and watch this dance with your partner. The dance is basically a collaboration between Ramayana epic and fire dance. Moreover, Uluwatu is a place which is known for beautiful temples and mesmerizing views. So, going here is without a doubt a must thing to do in Bali.
Temple Tours in Bali:

Bali Temple Tour Gunung Kawi
Gunung Kawi Temple

Bali is also very famous for its beautifully built temples. Whoever comes here doesn’t go without roaming around all the temples. Talking about temples, Tanah Lot is without any doubt the most featured temple on Bali’s postcards. Because of the unique and breath-taking offshore setting this temple has, and the continuous crashing of waves because of its location being on the coast, this temple is going to leave you speechless with its beauty. Imagine being in such a beautiful place with your partner. This is definitely going to be the most amazing experience of your life.

Nature Tours

Tukad Cepung Waterfall bali
Hidden Waterfall inside a cave

There’s no other way to get to know more about your spouse than doing nature tours by challenging yourselves in walking thru rice paddies, visiting waterfalls in Bali or do surfing on your honeymoon. Bali has well persevered nature that is really perfect in any season since you will know mostly on nature tours which are its local flora and fauna, agriculture and others.

Balinese Massage

The Balinese massage is the perfect treatment to regain harmony between body and mind. Balinese massage itself is sort of a mixture of different techniques that are harmonised in a unique treatment as influenced by Indian, Chinese and Thai practices. You and your spouse can get a full-body treatment, ideal for those who relax their body from scalp to foot from doing several walking tours. Balinese massage will let you be relaxed using certain oils you may prefer while gentle and relaxing strokes on vigorous pressure-point stimulations are given by the masseur/masseuse.

Bali is indeed a slice of Paradise on earth, which is one of the most romantic places to take your spouse on a honeymoon or wedding! We mostly plan our trip by ourselves but if you want to have the most exclusive and luxurious honeymoon packages and wedding packages in bali, our friends at The Seven Holiday can assist you on that since they have made some tailor fit packages that falls in any budget you are looking at. It is also advantageous to get their services so that it will save you time in looking for things to do, where to eat, places to visit, where to stay in Bali.





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